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Career Opening—Experienced Ruby on Rails Developer (REMOTE)

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Job Description

DRH Internet Inc., maker of GreenArrow email server software, has an exciting opportunity for a Ruby on Rails Developer. We are looking for an organized, motivated individual with strong communications skills to join our team. Most importantly, we're looking for someone with good taste in code.

About the job

  • You'll have the shortest possible commute - you'll work from home.
  • You'll spend the time needed to ship the highest quality product.
  • You'll participate in design meetings as we hash out details of new features.
  • You'll write unit and integration tests of your features to make sure they are rock-solid.
  • You'll have your code reviewed and review others' code.
  • You'll use tools that include Ruby on Rails and React.

About you

  • You code with confidence.
  • Your code is a pleasure to read, well commented, and logically laid out. You refactor when appropriate.
  • You debug your code so that others don't have to.
  • You code defensively -- you anticipate possible problem scenarios.
  • You love to solve problems with creative and elegant solutions.
  • You're able to work independently with minimal supervision.

About your skills

  • You love Ruby on Rails and have experience using it to get things done.
  • Expert level experience building database-driven web applications using: MVC, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Working knowledge of Linux or UNIX.

Other stuff that helps

  • PostgreSQL (We LOVE Postgres!)
  • React
  • Redis
  • Go (Both the game and the language)
  • Experience writing UNIX daemons
  • Lua, Perl, PHP or C
  • HAML and SASS

Did we just describe you?

Awesome! Send over your information telling us how you're the right fit.