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GreenArrow's Documentation Site—Now With Unified Search & No Bacon?!

Matt Rideout
by Matt Rideout on May 8, 2017
GreenArrow Documentation--Unified Search No Bacon

We're happy to announce — docs.drh.net

Our new software documentation site is the culmination of months of brainstorming, development, organization, conversion, documentation review, excessive coffee consumption - and yes, bacon. (The GreenArrow "old-timers" will know that "bacon" was the password to our old documentation site. See the sidebar.)

Documentation Site--Bacon Story

Some geeky nostalgia here...

Our original outward facing documentation used MediaWiki (and later Confluence). We wanted to make it at least a little more difficult for attackers to access our site, so we decided to require a password.

In homage to the little restaurant down the street from DRH Internet that serves amazing barbecue bacon cheeseburgers, we decided on the password bacon. The bacon password lived on from 2011 to 2016, and was only removed when we transitioned our Confluence hosted documentation over to docs.drh.net.  Farewell, bacon!

Among the things that gave us inspiration during this process are the documentation sites we use on a regular basis. For example, we use PostgreSQL pretty heavily here at DRH and find their online manual to be fantastic in terms of content and organization. We also like the way they made looking at the same documentation for different versions of their software easy. Inspired, we set out to make our new docs site intuitive, well organized, and easy to use. 

Docs.drh.net breaks it down for you into four categories:

The home page now contains a unified search bar, which allows you search through all documentation, regardless of category. The documentation for each product's most recent release is shown by default, and the Version Selector (drop-down menu at the top left) can be changed to match the version you're using. Or just click around and explore what we have documented by category! There's also a GreenArrow Engine Changelog, and GreenArrow Studio Changelog that you can look at to see what's new in our software.

Be sure to check out some of my favorite sections:

Our documentation is now generated using some in-house software, so we no longer need the "bacon" password. But some of us will always remember fondly the years of bacon-powered documentation. Mmmmmm…bacon.

We're continuously improving our documentation and would love to have your feedback. Is there something that's not documented, but you wish it was? Did you figure out some clever solution to a problem that you'd like to share? Let us know or comment below! Looking for other email resources? Visit our free eBook Library today. 

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Matt Rideout
Written by Matt Rideout
Matt keeps our email servers running, pitches in with support, writes documentation, tests new features, and helps out with development. In short, he does it all.

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