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"DRH's expertise, passion and knowledge are clearly evident in the GreenArrow infrastructure, which has rapidly become a pivotal and very reliable part of our systems."

Robert Burko

GreenArrow Installed or Hosted?

Have it Your Way: Installed or Hosted

Your email sending solution shouldn't dictate deployment terms to you; your needs should dictate the deployment.

We offer the ultimate flexibility on deploying GreenArrow. We can either install GreenArrow on your server or install the software on our servers for a Software-As-a-Service solution—whichever way works better for you.


GreenArrow software installed on your server.

We install GreenArrow on your server and manage the software and operating system for you, so you don't need a server admin. You give us access to a server—either in your data center or rented from a dedicated server hosting company.


  • Maintain control – Your data on your servers, behind your firewall.
  • Integration – Deploy GreenArrow close to your existing application servers.
  • Save money – by deploying GreenArrow on a server you already rent or own.



We host your GreenArrow installation on our enterprise-class servers in a state-of-the-art, highly-secure data center. Daily off-site backups protect your data, and 24/7 monitoring and staffing ensure your application will always be available.


  • Managed service – Single point of contact for both server and software.
  • Turn-key setup – We email you a username and password and you're running.
  • No technical expertise required – Our full management service takes care of all the details.
  • Save money – through our economies of scale in hosting multiple GreenArrow installs.

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